​​ ​​​​Urban Search and Rescue


Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

  1. The D: FSC serves as primary point of contact to INSARAG Secretariat i.e. Operational Focal Point on all Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) activities. The NDMC (in its capacity as the CFP) provided a support to the Gauteng Provincial Disaster Management Centre (PDMC) regarding their USAR team to obtain an IEC. The IEC took place during 20-24 February 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa were they awarded the INSARAG External Classification.
  2. The NDMC conducted USAR capacity assessment throughout the Country and only Western Cape and Gauteng Province were found with more than 100 USAR Practitioners.
  3. Directorate reproduced the 300 copies of the 2016 INSARAG Guidelines and is using these to support capacity building and raise awareness about the INSARAG methodology
  4. The NDMC must continue to build USAR capacity across the country. In order to fast-track this process, it is important to identify and engage key partners (national and international) who can support the USAR capacity building initiatives.
  5. Following the narrative above, the D: FS is establishing an Urban USAR institutional arrangements at North West Province as a pilot project for financial year 2016/17 an it will overlap to the financial year 2017/18.The pilot project is focusing on the Basic USAR Practitioners Training.