​​ ​​​​​Fire Safety and Prevention Seminars


  1. The purpose of fire seminars is to provide a platform for interactive dialogue amongst fire safety and prevention practitioners and professionals in order to contribute to the national fire risk reduction agenda.

  2. ​The D: FS organises and hosts National Fire Safety and Prevention Summit annually. The first one was held during 2014 in the City of Cape Town were more than 180 fire safety practitioners attended. The second was held in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province were 150 fire safety practitioners attended in the year 2015.The third one was held at KwaZulu Natal Province were 170 fire safety practitioners attended in the year 2016. The fourth one was held at Northern Cape Province were over eighty fire safety practitioners attended in the year 2017. The D:FS will be hosting the fifth annual National Fire Safety and Prevention Seminar from 27 February to 02 March 2018 at Potchefstroom North West Province were over 100 fire safety practitioners are expected to attend. The 27 February 2018 is delegated to do training on the Fire Services By laws. Concept p​aper.

  3. ​Fire services play a critical role in the protection of this network of economic infrastructure. It is therefore important to continuously increase the capacity of fire services to deliver on its critical mandate as failure to do so may impact negatively on socio-economic development. This is critical as both social and economic infrastructure and rural development requires reliable and efficient fire services across the country with the capacity to provide adequate protection from fires and ability to manage them when they occur. In essence, fires adversely affect the country's economy and livelihoods systems of communities.

  4. ​The Fire Safety Seminar provided a platform for key role players in the fire sector to discuss progress, challenges and proposed solutions and recommendations towards solving the challenges in the sector. The main focus of this year's Seminar was Dangerous goods transportation by road with specific focus on recent major incidents, Fire Safety Risk Assessment for Residential care facilities, Community Fire Risk Management, Role of traditional leadership in fire safety and Fire Engineering.

  5. ​The recommendations in terms of the focus areas will be factored into departmental planning processes to enable the department to present progress reports at future seminars. The Fire Safety Seminar outcomes enable the department to address issues that are pertinent to the sector.